1991 Mercury Marquis



February, 13, 2011 AT 8:50 PM

I just bought a 91 grand marquis. Smell like oil is burning under the hood. Light smoke come from the transmission dipstick area is this a thing to worry about right away. Whats the problem. Also my car has v8 engine but dosent seem to accelerate fast when I press the gas pedal theres no engine light that come on either is this normal

1 Answer


Ernest Clark

February, 13, 2011 AT 9:29 PM

You have an oil leak somewhere that is burning off. There's several places oil can leak from, so you'll have to find it. As long as it's not a fast leak (and your oil level remains topped off) you won't have to worry much.

As for your power loss, when was your last tune up? If it's been too long, begin there. After, if you still have low power, make sure the ignition is producing a strong spark and there's no misfires. Next make sure the fuel pressure is good and the filter good. Check injector flow. Lastly, check that you have good compression on all cylinders.

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