1990 Toyota 4Runner


Tony Jacobs

December, 31, 2010 AT 2:29 AM

It started and then began a ruff idle, straightened out and drove around the block. Parked it and restarted it an hour later and drove 100 feet when it died and would not restart. Replaced spark plugs because they looked fouled and then replaced plug wires, CAP AND ROTOR. Confirmed compression is good at 145 lbs, confirmed spark at the end of each plug, replaced fuel pump and strainer, and then the starter as well because it would just click and not turn over alot.
Now I still have the same problem. I have fuel that looks like it's got a little oil in it, draining out of the air intake plenum into the large fresh air intake tube when cranking the motor.(Coming from the cold start injector?) I have spark plugs that are wet with gas but don't seem to be firing (but there is spark)
I pulled the oil fill cap off and looked inside the valve cover to confirm the cam on that side is turning.
The fuel pressure regulator does pour gas out of the fuel return port when I used a jumper wire on the DLC1 B+ and FP termials (runs the fuel pump with the key in on position) but does not push gas through the fuel return port when I disconnect it and just crank the motor. There are no fuel leaks but I have not pressure tested the fuel system as I don't have the pressure gauge.
I have a new fuel pressure regulator but at 106.00 bucks and no luck so far, I'm afraid to put it on instead of taking it back. There is no fuel coming out of the vacum port when I pinch or block off the fuel return port so I think it's still good. I checked the fuel return line all the way back to the tank to make sure it wasn't plugged.
I used the jumper wire again to see if there were any trouble codes but the MIL did not show any problems.
I checked ohms on the relays and Volum air flow meter, checked fuses as well. All good.
What is left? Oxygen sensor? ECM?


2 Answers



December, 31, 2010 AT 3:10 AM

If you can hear the fuel pump come on-Check the fuel pressure with a gauge and give me the readings both key on engine not running and running with and without the regulator-let me know


Tony Jacobs

December, 31, 2010 AT 4:30 AM

First of all, THE WHOLE PROBLEM IS THE ENGINE CRANKS BUT DOESN'T FIRE OR START. So how do I give you a reading off the NEW FUEL PUMP pressure with and without the regulator while running when it won't start? If it did start and run, I wouldn't be bothering you.
Also, if I did have it running, how would I eliminate the fuel pressure regulator and pressure test it without?

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