How much to replace fuel pump

  • 1989 MAZDA B2200
  • 950,000 MILES

How much to replace fuel pump

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 AT 7:38 PM

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Fuel Pump
Short & Long Bed G60713350 $366.84
Contact dealer for most current part and price information.
Cab Plus G61613350 $421.41
Contact dealer for most current part and price information.

Labor Skill
Level Mfg.
Warranty Standard
Fuel Pump
Replace B 0.7 1.0

WARNING: Explosion and fire hazard. Observe the following precautions when working on the fuel tank.

Be sure area is well ventilated.
Do not smoke or light any cigarettes where odor of fuel vapor is present.
Disconnect battery and do not create any sparks or flames where odor of fuel vapor is present.
An empty fuel tank contains an explosive mix of fuel vapors and air. If tank repair is necessary that involves any welding or soldering, clean inside of tank with solution of detergent and water and then use steam to displace any residual vapors that may remain.


Fuel Tank Assembly

Disconnect fuel gauge electrical connector.
Relieve fuel system pressure by starting engine with fuel pump relay (circuit open relay) disconnected and let run until engine dies, then slowly and carefully remove hose on outlet side of fuel filter. Cover with a clean rag while removing hose, to avoid spraying fuel in your face.
Remove fuel filler cap.
Lift vehicle and support on jack stands.
Remove drain plug and drain fuel into a suitable container, then re-install plug and tighten.
Disconnect fuel and vapor hoses.
Remove tank.

Install in reverse order.

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