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July, 28, 2011 AT 10:24 AM

1. Dear Sir Ignition Coil of my Morris Minor 1000 car was Hot and Stop the car, So I have Change (replace) the Platinum Point & Cundencer of the Distibuter - But the Ignition Coil of my car is Hot and Stop the car - Ignition coil is HITHACHI JAPAN bottle coil (New Coil) what is the Suitable Coil for morris minor 1000 car?- Help me.
2.- Some people says, On the best tuning of the Carburetor, water must comeing out from the silencer.("It is Best tuning of Carburetor"They says)So I have Adjust the 'Fast- Idle Adjusting Screw' & 'Throttle Adjusting Screw 'of theCarburetor. Now, When I Start the car water coming out from the silencer, Is It true?

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July, 28, 2011 AT 1:38 PM

Water is a by product of combustion, you will see it with the engine cold as condensation dripping from the exhaust, as the engine heats up it turns to steam and when at operating temp you will not notice it at all, no amount of carby adjustment will alter this.

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