How to Fix a Whistling Noise

Step 1 - When a vacuum hose or tube fails it can make a whistling noise which could vary with engine speed. Learn more

Engine Vacuum Leak

Step 2 - If a battery connection becomes corroded or if the battery is starting to fail, it can cause the alternator to overwork which creates a whistling, whining style of noise. Learn more

Battery Corrosion

NON ENGINE PROBLEM - When a door seal fails it can create a whistling noise as air enters the passenger compartment, these whistling noises can be difficult to find. If needed have a passenger ride along while running their hands along the area the noise is being generated from, this will pinpoint the location.

Door Seal

Helpful Information

Some whistling noises are simple to fix, while others are a little more difficult to find and can be aligned with the engine speed.

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