How to Retrieve ABS and Traction Control Trouble Codes

ABS tracation control scanner

To gather ABS and traction control trouble codes you will fist need a scanner compatible of doing so which you can do a simple search on Google or Amazon. This scanners start at about $99.00 or about $40.00 if you want to use your phone for the readout (bluetooth). This is a simple process that most anyone can do.

Lets Begin

1. The ABS and traction control systems are accessed through the data port connector which is the same one used to gather engine and transmission trouble codes. This connector is located on the drivers side at the lower part of the dashboard, some can be under the dash.

ABS and traction control scanner connected

2. Turn the ignition system on to power up the scanner, this will  bring up the first prompt screen with you will be required to input information about the car. Some high end scanners will self detected the car so this step can be skipped.

scanner choose manufacturer

3. Once the scanner information had been inputted you can initialize the ABS and Traction scan code scan, this can take a few moments. 

initializing ABS and traction control diagnostic scan

4. After the scan is complete the results will be displayed on the scanner with a pass or fail status which will present the number of codes that are stored in each system. Simply view the codes stored to start making repairs, or see what system will need attention when taking your car in for repairs.

ABS traction control trouble code results


When scanning for codes most of the time the problem will be a wheel speed sensor repair. This is because of the sensor location which is near the wheels and allows for road debris to damage the sensor or sensor wiring. Here is a guide that shows the most popular ABS repairs.

Common ABS Trouble Codes

C0031 - Front right wheel speed sensor circuit
C0034 - Front left wheel speed sensor circuit
C0040 - Right front wheel speed circuit malfunction
C0041 - Right front wheel speed sensor circuit range/performance
C0045 - Left rear wheel speed circuit malfunction
C0050 - Right rear wheel speed sensor malfunction
C0110 - ABS pump motor circuit malfunction
C0121 - Valve relay circuit malfunction
C0131 - Pressure sensor circuit malfunction
C0132 - Pressure sensor circuit low
C0136 - Lost communication with ABS module
C0141 - Left front solenoid valve malfunction

Common Traction Control System Trouble Codes

C0200 - Traction control enabled indicator lamp circuit short to battery
C0201 - Anti-lock brake system enable relay contact circuit failure
C0210 - Rear left wheel speed circuit malfunction
C0215 - Rear left wheel speed sensor circuit malfunction
C0226 - Left front wheel speed signal missing
C0236 - Rear wheel speed signal missing
C0242 - PCM indicated traction control system malfunction
C0245 - Wheel speed sensor frequency error
C0252 - Traction control system command
C0265 - EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module) motor relay circuit
C0267 - Pump motor circuit open/shorted
C0268 - Pump motor stalled

Watch the Video!

Please watch this video of the job being done to glean additional helpful information.


This guide knowledge base was created by the 2CarPros Team, and by Ken Lavacot: Automobile repair shop owner and certified master automobile technician of over 30 years. If you have question or need help please ask one of our experts we are happy to help. Please visit our 2CarPros YouTube Channel.

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