2005 Ford Focus

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 45000 miles

The battery seems fine, lights work. Does not crank/fire when started. You can hear a clicking under the hood near the front (meaning close to the windshield)on the drivers side when you turn the key. Lights and all gauges work fine. The battery seems strong. I was told it was pobably the alternator, in retrospect I think it may be the starter or could it be the starter solanoid, I checked the starter fuse under the hood, it is fine. I have not checked the fuses by the drivers side in the car. I know if the starter has to be replaced, you should also replace the starter solanoid. Could the solonoid be the cause of the problem or are the odds its the alternator?
Thank you for your help,
August 6, 2009.

Hi Janice,

First off, have you tried jump starting it? If not do so, if starts and runs good it could be your Battery. Also, check the interior lights make sure they are not on.

While vehicle is running go by your local parts store and have them test your battery.

If still doesn't start could be the Starter Relay, that is most likely the clicking you hear. It is located in the main junction box under the hood. There should be a diagram on the underside of the lid. That will tell you which one is the starter relay.

Test check if it is bad take a look at the numbers on it, then look at the other relays around and match up the numbers and then just swap the two out. Just remember which ones you swapped.

If starts then replace relay.

If still does not start the could be starter.


Aug 6, 2009.
Hello obxautomedic,
Per your questions. The battery has been tested it is fine. Tried to have the car boosted it still did not start. All power is turned off when trying to start start vehicle that is why I am thinking it could be the ingnition or the alternator or the starter solanoid or starter relay. Though the fuses where checked. Can I check any of these components with a volt meter before towing it to a garage?
Thank you Janice

Aug 6, 2009.
Hi Janice,

Check out the following links to test....

Relays -

Fuses -

If after testing the above and they all check out the next thing to do is to remove the starter and have it bench tested, before replacing.

And the Starter Selenoid is attached to the starter so you would have to replace the starter even if the selenoid is the problem.

Also it is not your Alternator, the alternator charges the battery and powers all eletrical componants. It has nothing to do with your vehicle not turning over. Especially if your battery checks out good and you have attempted jump starting the vehicle.



Aug 7, 2009.