2003 Dodge Neon • 150,000 miles

Two leaks. When reservoir is service water leaks inside car when engine is running and heater on. Out side in engine compartment rubber approximately 3 inches in length and not connected to anything on firewall will leak when engine is turn off. Radiator will then be serviced with almost a half gallon of water after when rubber hose stop leaking. Radiator cap appears on. 2nd turn when cap installed and aligned with hose does not require much effort when reinstalling. Don't have the money at this time to replace the heater core, what can I do now. For a later date on a repair?
October 29, 2012.

Hello - sounds like you know the problem. The heater core is bad and will continue to leak. The one pick, is this the hose you are talking about? This is the drain for the HVAC. Normally the condensation from the AC drips from here. So the floor board is wet due to the heater core leaking and it also draining out of the hose and the HVAC is filling with antifreeze. The other pic shows you the inside of a HVAC and the drain hole. This hole is a tube and the rubber hose you see inside the engine compartment is connected to this.

Oct 29, 2012.
Remove the two heater hoses from the heater core and connect them together.

That hose that isn't connected to anything is the drain hose for the water that condenses from the humidity in the air when the air conditioning cools it. Coolant leaking from the heater core drips into the same drain pan.

Oct 29, 2012.
Thank you both on the info. It was very helpful I will get it repaired as soon as I can gather the money for repair and undo the hoses temporary connected. Thanks again.

Hey please don't forget since it is getting into the cold months. You won't have any heat to the windshield for defrost. Good luck

Oct 29, 2012.
Most definitely and will get it taken care of soon as possible. Thank You

I had the same problem and the fix by the mechanic was to put a silicone based sealant at the point of contact for the drain pipe with the body. Ensure the drain pipe opening faces down towards the floor. Best of luck.

Nov 15, 2012.