2002 Ford F-250 • V8 2WD Automatic • 70,000 miles

2002 Ford F-250 XLT mileage: 70,000. I was checking for a power steering fluid leak, I had my wife turning the wheel back and forth found the leak and fixed the problem. My problem is when my wife left the key on and I didn't find out till the morning. At that time, my battery was gone. I charged up the battery tried to start the truck with no luck. It turned over but would not run. I ended up jumping the fuel pump relay and it started right up. I checked the codes and received all 11 all okay. I went for a little drive maybe five miles turned the truck off till the next morning. Went to start it and nothing again. Jumped the relay again and it started. But this time it was running real rough and if I gave it gas it would die plus the check engine light stayed on. I ended up taking it to the ford dealer to look at it. The tech said the computer has no data output. The MAP censer needs replacing and the catalytic converter was plugged. My question to you is there any way I can test the computer for data output with out a lot of expense.

February 16, 2011.

The ECM may be faulty. Try scanning it for fault codes; you will need a scan tool for this procedure and it is not cheap. Is it possible that the battery was jumped backwards when you were trying to get it started? If it was, you probably "cooked" the ECM.

Feb 16, 2011.
Are you sure that is a 2002 or a 1992? As 2002s unless it has a diesel doesn't have a MAP sensor

Feb 17, 2011.