2001 Lincoln LS • 170,000 miles

Why is it that when I drive my car 4 like 10mins the gage goes 3/4 about to overheat but when I turn the heat up all the way it gradually goes down to around half. Its been doing this for like 2 weeks now and I got to keep the resovoir full of antifreeze almost to the top. I got no leaks new thermostat water pump and radiator got flushed. What else could it be
September 6, 2013.

Get a kit and ck. For a blown head or gasket. Does it boubble in the overflow jug?

Sep 6, 2013.
Yeah u can hear the bubbling in the overflow jug once I pop the hood up after driving.I took a test chemical test for the head and came out good. It seems like air is getting in there could that be the intake valve gasket that air is coming from

Sep 6, 2013.
Hi guys. Excuse me for butting in, but my vote is for corroded cooling fins on the radiator. The clue is the temperature comes down when running the heater. Dandy observation, by the way. You're heating the air by blowing it over the heater core which is a small radiator. If I'm right it will run hotter at highway speed when you have more natural air flow because that air isn't doing anything to remove the heat from the coolant but the engine is producing more heat than when driving slower.

Sep 6, 2013.