Lincoln LS

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS and the engine light came on last week. I had the code run at a local auto parts store and found out that it was Code P1299 Cylinder Head Over Temperature Protection Active. What exactly does this mean? Am I going to have to replace something in the engine or is this just to let me know that the car overheated at some point? It did register that it had overheated right before the light came on, but it was just a brief period. I pulled right into the auto repair place and they added a little coolant (though they said it wasn't low) and ran the diagnostic on the check engine code.
April 12, 2007.

Check oil for water, white color. Check water for oil, slippery. Flush cooling system. It sounds like a hot spot.

Apr 20, 2007.
The engine uses a sensor in the heads. To tell the computer what the actual head temp is(instead of just what the coolant is) If it sets this code either the sensor is having issues or it actually got hot, you should have the engine tested for combustion leaks into the cooling system(we call it " BLOCK LEAK TESTING" ) if the test turns out ok then have your mechanic look into the sensor.

Hope it helps

Nov 20, 2009.