2000 Oldsmobile Alero • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 111,500 miles

My 2000 Alero, 4 cyl, the "Trac Off' light is on. I followed the instructions in the owners manual and the light is still on. What's the next step? Does the relay go out?

Just before the warning light came on I was driving on a rough patch of roadway with pot holes, and uneven road surface of ashpalt and cement.


November 12, 2010.

Here is a brief description of the indicator. If it is on at all times, there is more than likely a fault related. It would need scan tool diagnostics initially, to determine what the code is, and a course of action.

Nov 13, 2010.
Was turned to the ON position.

Enhanced Traction Control-TRAC OFF Indicator
The EBCM receives a Class 2 serial data message from the BCM indicating a traction switch activation. The EBCM determines the state of the TRAC OFF indicator and sends a Class 2 serial data message to the instrument cluster commanding the indicator state. The traction control switch is a momentary switch input into the BCM which detects the switch activation and sends the Class 2 serial data message. If an EBCM Class 2 failure occurs, the TRAC OFF indicator will not illuminate unless the indicator was illuminated prior to the Class 2 failure.

This is a brief description of the message. More than likely it has come on relating to a fault that would inhibit traction control. It should have stored a fault code that would determine a course of action.

Nov 13, 2010.