1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 105,000 miles

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse mileage: 105,000. I just replaced my radiator with a used one three days ago. Yesterday I was driving 90 miles per hour when my car started hesitating and slowing down. Then my thermostat started to show the engine heating up really fast. I was pulling off the side of the road when all of the emergency lights (oil, brake, coolant, etc.) Came on. I turned off the engine immediately and a few minutes later, my upper hose blew. I replaced it and started to drive and  my oil pressure started decreasing. I pulled over again and saw that my oil was empty (I have three minor oil leaks, but I usually am good about checking  the level). I replaced the oil with three quarts, and about two minutes of driving later, my car was knocking and smoking bad. I pulled over and the oil was leaking out very fast. In a few minutes, all of the oil had leaked out. I had the car towed and I inspected it today. I am trying to find an oil diagram because I cannot figure out exactly where it's coming from. It looks to be around the crankshaft or transmission.
November 10, 2010.

From what you have told us unfortunately, it sounds like the motor has been ruined from the overheating. This can be verified with a compression check and a leak down test.

Nov 10, 2010.