What does the perform service light mean and how do I reset it

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Perform service came on recently, what does this mean? How do I reset it. We just had an oil change done if it makes a difference dont have any extra money to take to mechanic please help nothing else to say erxcept there is approx 150000 miles on vehicle.

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The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) displays a PERFORM SERVICE message when distance to service interval has been reached, indicating that regular service and maintenance is due. After performing necessary services, reset service distance by selecting a distance to service interval.
To program EVIC, turn ignition switch to ON position. Depress and release MENU push button until SERVICE INTV. = Is displayed. Press and release STEP button to step through available options. The last selected distance option displayed becomes the service interval at which the PERFORM SERVICE message will be displayed.
If a new distance interval is selected, RESET SERVICE DISTANCE? With a yes or no option. When YES is selected, the accumulated distance since the last previous PERFORM SERVICE message will be reset to zero because the service interval has been changed. When NO is selected, the distance until the next PERFORM SERVICE message is reduced by the accumulated distance since the last pervious message.
EVIC exits programming mode and returns to its normal operation mode when the C/T button is depressed or when the end of the programmable feature menu list is reached, whichever occurs first.

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