1996 Volvo 960 fuel filter change

  • 1996 VOLVO 960

1996 Volvo 960

How do you change the fuel filter on this car?

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The fuel filter is located underneath the vehicle near the fuel tank, or on the driver's side of the firewall.

Properly relieve the fuel system pressure.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Raise and safely support the vehicle.
Remove the fuel filter cover (if equipped).

Have a container ready when loosening the fuel lines. Residual fuel in the lines will come out.

Place a suitable container in position.
Loosen the fuel filter connections. If your vehicle has threaded type fittings:

A. Remove the lines from the filter using the proper size wrenches.

Always use flared wrenches (special hex wrench) to grip fuel lines or filter connections, when loosening.

If your vehicle is equipped with quick-connect fittings:

A. Using a 17mm wrench, depress the retaining tab on the fitting, and remove the line. Repeat for the filters other line.

Remove the clamp retaining the fuel filter to the bracket.

To install:

Transfer the bracket to the new filter.
Note the direction on the fuel filter and install the filter to the bracket.
Connect the fuel lines to the fuel filter. If your vehicle has threaded type fittings:

A. Install the lines on the filter.
B. Check to ensure that the copper seals are correctly installed.
C. Tighten the lines to the proper torque.

If your vehicle has quick-connect fittings:

A. Push the fittings onto the ends of the filter.
B. There should be an audible click when the fittings are engaged.

Install the fuel filter cover (if equipped).
Lower the vehicle.
Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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