2000 Other Volkswagen Models engine mount sheared off

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Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Other Volkswagen Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 91,000 miles

The above vehicle (VW Bora PDTDi) suddenly broke down after years of problem free motoring. It is currently at my VW dealers who inform me that the engine mount has sheared off causing the engine to drop and move sideways into the cambelt, causing this damage also. I have been told the vehicle needs a new engine and that this is not a problem that would have been diagnosed at regular service. The VW dealers are unable to tell me what has caused this unusual problem. Would you recommend a reconditioned engine in my vechicle, or would I have any comeback on VW themselves (the veh is not under warranty) I have been quoted 3.5k PLUS fitting the the new engine - the car itself is only worth about 2.5k max.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 AT 9:03 AM

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Nice stories. This must be the first diesel you have ever owned, problem is you never gotten rid of your gas Leg, and put on your diesel leg, you cannot drive a diesel like you drive a regular gasoline vehicle because you will break it just like you did, I teach advanced driving techniques for diesel vehicles but it is expensive but when you are done, your diesel will never break down again I'm sorry to inform you but that the broken motor mount was caused by you it's called "a lead foot" a diesel engine produces twice the power of a gas engine, but it's a different kind of power you may not understand so next time take it easy with your diesel and quit driving it like it's a gas car

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Saturday, January 24th, 2009 AT 8:15 PM

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