How an Engine Mount Works

engine mount

How Does it Work?

Engine mounts are designed to isolate the vehicle from vibrations and harmonics created by the engine. Designed by using two metal plates vulcanized together with a sizable piece of rubber or a liquid filled bladder this part is positioned between the frame and the engine. The lower plate is bolted to the frame whereas the upper metal plate bolts to the engine allowing a slight amount of movement from the engine. These mounts are also used for the transmission and perform the same operation.

In a rear wheel drive vehicles there are usually two mounts one on either side of the engine with one mount used for the transmission. Front wheel drive applications may incorporate more mounts to help control engine torque. Front wheel drive vehicles sometimes incorporate a "dog bone” or torque mount to control the twisting of the engine. When an engine mount goes bad it will cause excessive movement from the engine in which case the engine mount will need to be replaced.

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