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October, 21, 2010 AT 6:40 PM

Transmission problem
2008 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 45000 miles

My clutch squeaks outside my truck, especially after a rainstorm. The dealership says it squeaks at the pivot ball/bearing because the grease keeps getting washed away so they will replace these parts under warranty; previous attempts to re-lubricate have failed. This squeaking has been going on for about 30,000 miles.

However, I have noticed another " screech" from the clutch when starting in first gear from a stop on a hill (or incline/ramp). It seems to get worse in the cold. Both problems have been around for about a year now, but the screech is getting louder. Also, a month ago I was backing out of a flat parking spot, shifted into first to go forward and it popped out of gear (isolated incident but could be related?).

The dealership thinks the screeching is just the clutch plate and thinks that it could even be " normal". However, having already put 45,000 miles on it, they recommend that I replace my old clutch while they are replacing the squeaky bearing/bushing (under warranty) so the labor would be free. Essentially I would get a new clutch for the cost of the clutch parts. Sounds like a great deal right? However, Toyota clutches are known for their longevity, and it doesn't FEEL like I need a new clutch yet. Could the worn clutch symptoms really be because of the worn ball joint/bearing? Could the worn joint/bearing have caused the clutch to prematurely wear out? Should I make the dealership buy a new clutch if they find that it is significantly worn out?

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October, 21, 2010 AT 7:08 PM

I'm going to have to edit this as there are a few issues to respond to.

No doubt that replacing the clutch would be a technicians preference. Makes for a nicer job, you take more pride in it and it is the best way to do a job. Like you say. Why replace something that is not needed?

Sometimes parts don't always go back together so smooth and it is not always avoidable. How much more does it cost?

If the screetch from the linkage is getting worse it would make sense as the surface area of contact is getting larger. It may even feel a little tighter. Does lubrication work for a short while?

After a little research I would demand a new one at no charge. Bear with me.


Service Writer

October, 21, 2010 AT 7:20 PM


" 6-Speed Manual Transmission Clutch Difficult Engaging" Introduction
Some customers of manual transmission equipped, V6 FJ Cruiser and Tacoma vehicles may
experience a slipping feeling in all forward gears and reverse. The center section of the clutch disk
may have separated from the friction material section of the clutch disk. Installation of a new clutch
disk and clutch cover (pressure plate) is required to repair the vehicle. Follow the repair procedure
in this bulletin to address customer concerns.&Quot; Were you having any trouble engaging the clutch?
I might suggest to them they they may want to replace it under warranty while they have it apart. IT would be a shame to have to pull it all back apart again. HEY. They can save some labor! Lol.



October, 21, 2010 AT 8:59 PM

It's a 2008 5-speed 4cyl, so I'm not sure if that tsb would apply to my truck. Even still, I haven't had any trouble engaging or disengaging the clutch, finding gears, slipping, etc. (Besides that one incident on a level lot when it popped out of gear). It still DRIVES fine and mechanically works (the clutch passed my " Hold The Brake And Release The Clutch" test--it stalled out way before I passed the friction point). It's just squeaky which leads me to believe that its wearing out in places.

And Yes, when you lubricate the ball/linkage the squeaking goes away for a short period of time (until I drive in the rain or take it through a car wash. Or if it's humid out for a few weeks. It really doesn't take much which is very odd because he says there's a boot around this thing to prevent that from happening).

This is where the dealership stands: They will replace under warranty the " squeaky" components of the clutch, which is a ball joint and bushing of some kind. Not far from the pedal I think. While they are working in that area, they will R& R, for FREE, my clutch plate because they believe that is what's making the " lurching" noise when I start on a hill. My only cost in all of this is the clutch plate. Some $200. Labor is FREE. Sweet deal, but I want more.

This is where I stand: If the linkage/bearing/bushing has prematurely worn out because of a manufacturer's defect, it probably prematurely wore out my clutch plate as well. However, clutch plates, due to their nature, aren't under any kind of long-term warranty, so it would be hard to convince them to pay for it. Would my argument hold water? Would the prematurely worn out bearing cause the clutch plate to also prematurely wear out? Or Is there another possibility altogether that could be causing the " lurching" sound when starting on a hill?


Service Writer

October, 22, 2010 AT 5:09 AM

Nuts.I thought I hit one otta the park. No that tsb would not apply.

The linkage wear or bearing would make noise but seriously doubt there would be an affect on the clutch disc.

Take the truck on a test drive with a service manager regarding the " lurching" sound when starting on a hill. Ask him to to tell you if it will be resolved. I can't hear it and they are doing the work. Before the work is done this should be addressed so it is not like this afterwards.

IF it were me, I wouldn't do the disc, they last for many miles. The other option would be to compare the new one and old one once it is out, then decide.



October, 22, 2010 AT 4:06 PM

Thought about that as well, but they tell me that I would have to buy the clutch prior to all of the work. So if it doesn't need a new clutch, I've got my new one for the next clutch job. My thinking is. Why don't they keep clutches in stock, so if they examine the clutch while the warranty issue is being addressed, they could replace it and I'll pay for it. If I don't need a new one, they have one for the next clutch job they do, or they can send it back to the manufacturer.


Service Writer

October, 22, 2010 AT 7:04 PM

That's Bullshit. Call another dealer and ask them if they have one in stock. Ask them how long it would take to get it if they didn't. If you are in a reasonably populated area good, chance there is one around. IF it turns out you didn't need it then they will absolutley use it at some point I have to believe. While you are inquiring, ask what the re-stock charge is if you need to cancel the order.

That's another reason I hate the logic of buying new vehicles. Expensive and not dependable or stress-free.

Ask them if this wasn't a warranty job, how would it be handled if they ran into parts that were needed that they didn't have? This treatment is what helps give a bad name to the industry.



September, 22, 2013 AT 10:52 AM

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