2006 Toyota Rav4


john lopes

November, 26, 2009 AT 8:42 PM

Electrical problem
2006 Toyota Rav4 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

i was changing a battery and the positive of the battery touched the negative cable. I have power in everything except can drive the the car, no power on the accelerator.

What has happen I think it was a short a few lights on odometer are on. 4 wheel, crnakcase and Vso.

Can you help resolve the problem.



1 Answer



November, 27, 2009 AT 4:44 AM

Hi John,

Check the main fuses in underhood fuse box. The shorting could have blown somw fuses causing the problem.

When removing the battery, always disconnect the negative terminal first and reinstall last.

After checking the fuses, disconnect the negative termnal and wait for at least 1/2 an hour to reset the ECU.

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