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  • 4 CYL
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  • 64,000 MILES
Hello there

Thanking you very much for adding this forum i am so glad that atleat i am nw in contact with Vehicles experts

My name is ABdul and am in tanzania (Kilimanjaro (moshi) region) i have recently bought my Toyota Allex the Engine Model number is TA-ZZE 124G
however the car engine is written VVi

i bought from local person and now i have come 2 heard from the people that this car uses only un leaded fuel if you use normal gas petrol it may lead the Engine to go PINK!! which i dint understand the meaning may be am not the car person much and the worrying thing was it can lead me to low mialeage if use normal petrol.

since i was not aware i had filled the GAPCO STAFTION FUEL HERE IN MOSHI it was written Pre mium and since now its half tank but i am not 100% about the fuel and i have got a lesson from now onn i will only use BP unleaded fuel.

but since the car still has about half a tank up fuel on it and which i am not affording 2 loose it.

can you please help me giving me much information on this and giving me solution to this, i will be so glad for ur help sir/madame.

i did kept normal TOTAL company fuel additive on my tank but now am not even sure that might help the current situation which i dnt knw its really bad or

we dnt have any gas purifier things available at our country but if you thing there is any product might be needed please let me know

and i will try 2 work on your instruction ASAP

looking forward for your earliest responce since i am very much worried this End

thanking you in advance


Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, June 4th, 2010 AT 4:46 AM

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Hi there,

I feel that you have used premium unleaded fuel this is fine, the filler of your car is fitted with a special filler tube that will only accept the smaller diameter unleaded nozzle, you cant fit the old leaded filler into your car even if you try, you car will self tune it self to accept the standard unleaded or the premium, the premium will give you better economy and performance, I do not think that you have any worries at all.

Mark (mhpautos)
Was this
Friday, June 4th, 2010 AT 7:34 AM

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