1993 Toyota Corolla


Doug G

August, 11, 2006 AT 8:56 AM

We bought this car with the awesome intentions of my son and I fixing it up and spending time together. We have repaired several of the issues it had but have come accross one that has got me confused. We put a brand new fully charged battery in it and cant get it to turn over. Here is what happens. Stick the key in the ignition and tumble it over and all the proper dash lights turn on, stereo works, Brake lights did but now they dont. Head lights dont work and when you try to start the car everything goes dead, just like a black out. You have to turn the car ignition back to its original possition and retumble it over again to power back up. We dont even get that " tick " tick" sound from the starter. The battery load tested just fine so could it be a relay, or fuse, or maybe battery cable? We have cleaned the battery cables with baking soda and they look fine.

Help please.

Oh yeah, if the key is tumbled over and you press the hazards to test them, a buzzing sound comes from under the dash at the fuse box, but all the fuses look fine.

Thanks, Doug G


3 Answers



August, 11, 2006 AT 4:09 PM

Alomst sounds like a bad ignition switch. I think I would test my starter by jumpering the starter relay with jumper cables.


Doug G

August, 11, 2006 AT 4:15 PM

Ill give that a shot, thanks for the info.

Anymore ideas would be awesome.


Doug G

August, 13, 2006 AT 7:24 AM

Well, I think my problem was two fold. The electrical issue was brought on by a poor ground connection at the battery. The new more upsetting issue is the engine is seized up. We pulled the spark plugs to discover water sitting on top of the cylinders. Best we can tell is the previous owners ran it hot and warped the head. The seized engine must be a by product of that.
I guess my next question would be, where do I locate good used, or rebuilt motors?

Thanks again guys.

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