1994 Toyota Corolla


Big Rig Tech

June, 24, 2007 AT 11:42 PM

Hi I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla 235,000 miles 1.6L engine front wheel drive automatic trans. I was driving on the freeway and the engine died and would not start back up or at least not run. It will sometimes start for about 3 seconds then die.
About 6 mounths ago I replaced the timing belt I also replaced the fuel pump with a new one at that time. About 3 to 4 mounths ago I tuned up the engine for a smog test and also replaced the catalitic converter. I tested for spark it was ok, I replaced the fuel filter with a new one, I checked for trouble codes No codes found, I tried sarting with air filter removed, I checked to see if air (exhaust) is coming out the tail pipe it is, I removed 1 spark plug and it looked ok I can smell some gas on it but was not wet.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help you can give


4 Answers


Bruce Hunt

June, 25, 2007 AT 11:47 AM

Why not check to see if there is good spark at the plugs. It should be a strong and consistent arc on the plug. There is a possibility that the cam or crank shaft sensor has gone out. You mentioned the fuel pump when you did the timing belt. Did you replace the fuel pump or the water pump?


Big Rig Tech

June, 30, 2007 AT 9:57 AM

Yes the spark is strong and I replaced the fuel pump in the fuel tank under the back seat. I losened the fuel line at the injector rail to see if fuel was coming out when I crank it and gas is coming out. That tells me the ECU is getting a signal from the crank/cam sensor to turn on the fuel pump. I can't figure out why it will run for a few sec. Then die? Any ideas? Thank you



June, 3, 2012 AT 8:31 PM

Was there any resolution to this? I have the exact same car and the exact same problem. I have checked spark, compression, and unhooked the fuel line from the rail, and fuel gushes out when I crank.



June, 14, 2012 AT 9:57 PM

The start and die could mean the fuel pump is only giving the initial line pressurization and then being shut off because the ECU isn't receiving the "engine running" signal it needs. Use a test light to check for voltage to the fuel pump. You can trick it into wanting to keep running with carb cleaner.

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