1990 Toyota Corolla

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1990 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 2050 miles

cv joint removal

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Saturday, February 9th, 2008 AT 2:38 PM

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Jack the car up and put on jackstands.
Remove wheel.
Remove the plastic cover that protects from water, stones, I call it the stone shield.
Remove caliper and hang aside with a coat hanger/wire.
Remove outer tie rod.
Remove ball joint nut on knuckle.
*Remove 30mm bolt that holds axle in knuckle.
Push lower control arm down to remove ball joint stud from knuckle.
The knuckle should pull out to remove axle, then swing knuckle aside, or rotate it out of way.
Remove axle at transmission with large pry bar.
Replace axle seal in transmission with new one.
Install reman. Axle assy. Into transmission, they "POP' in.
Remaing installation is reverse of above.

*If you do not have an impact wrench (air or electric) you need to loosen this bolt FIRST, while tire is on ground.

You can also buy a Haynes manual for $16 and follow the procedures, it has pictures and will help you with other repairs.

When you take the axle out, some transmission fluid will come out. Remember that on the A131L - 3 speed tranny, there is a differential that has a seperate lubricant supply from the transmission itself.
It would be easier to have the differential fluid refilled at a shop with a hoist, because the refill plug is on the back next to firewall and is hard to get to when you are on your back.

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