A way to check the ECM on 1983 Celica GTS

I have an (April) 1983 Toyota Celica GTS. 2.4 L (22R) FI 5-speed MT. It has ran great for a long time. I turned it off recently and went inside the house, came back out and climbed in and the engine would turn over but not start. I changed the ignitor as well as the coil. No spark. Decided that I would check the ECM codes. (Rotor and cap looked ok, spark plus and wires were new).

Could not find "check engine" light. Found the 2 prong OBD1 connector in the engine compartment near the air filter (right where it was supposed to be).

Tried turning on "system" to see what dash lights came up. Brake, seatbelt, and door open indicator. 4th slot on dash where a light could exist is empty.

Opened the dash to verify bulb not burnt out. Found the 3 other lights as listed above. 4th slot has no bulb nor socket to put one in. There is NO "check engine" light.

I cannot count flashes to come up with a code. Is there a way to check this? Even the owners manual said that IF the check engine light comes on you likely have electrical trouble. The manual does not show where it is however.

All fuses appear to be unburned. 2 relays under hood, next to fusible links, are Master and EFI. When ignition is turned on the relays activate. I guess they are ok.

I am at a loss to determine if I can locate /determine the codes. Help!
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Monday, April 16th, 2007 AT 9:28 PM

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Make sure you have power at the coil positive terminal and to the ignitor

Find the diagnostic check connector- turn key to On-now jump terminal T1 to EI count the flashes on the check engine light at the dash.

This problem can be caused by the distributor not producing the Ne and G signals to the computer. Or the ECM-not giving the Igt signal to the ignitor to fire the plugs.
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Monday, April 16th, 2007 AT 10:25 PM

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