1992 Toyota Camry



July, 13, 2006 AT 1:05 AM

My 1992 toyota camry 2.2 ltr will not start and I have determined that it is not getting fuel but I can not figure out why. The am2 30 amp fuse keeps popping so I don't know if it's the fuel pump or a relay because as soon as I turn the ignition to on it pops could you please let me know what you think is making it pop, and do you know if a 1996 fuel pump will work in this, they are both 4 cylinder 2.2 engines



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November, 9, 2006 AT 9:14 AM

Dear Dana,
There is obviously a short in the fuel pump circuit. In order to determine where a wiring diagram will help greater, if you can get one. If not you can still find the short but it will be harder to do. The short is located in one of the following places. The pump itself, the fuel relay or the wiring. To find it you will need a 12 volt test lamp which is readily available at any auto parts store. You can also do the old trail and error method and start changing parts. (I'am not a fan of this) If you are going to do this I would start with the pump because of the infomation you have given me. I don't know if the 96 pump will fit but if you go to a auto parts store they should be able to tell you
Good luck Backyardmechanic

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