1989 Toyota Camry rear brakes

I need help preferably diagram of how to assemble the rear emergency brake shoes with the rotor pad combo on a 89 toyota camry v6. Please desperate
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See Figures 1, 2 and 3

Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the rear parking brake components

Fig. Fig. 2: Rear disc parking brake adjustment plug

Some of the parking brake assembly springs are color coded green, blue, white. The remainder of the springs have no color. Make sure that all springs are installed in their proper locations.

1. Loosen the rear wheel lugs slightly and raise the rear of the vehicle and support it safely. Remove the rear wheels.
2. Remove the two mounting bolts and disconnect the rear disc brake assembly. Suspend the disc with wire from the strut spring or a convenient location on the body.
3. Pull the rotor disc from the axle hub. If the rotor disc is stubborn, return the shoe adjuster until the wheel spins freely, and remove the disc.
4. Using a suitable spring removal tool, remove the return springs.
5. Remove the shoe strut with the adjuster spring.
6. Slide the front shoe out and remove the adjuster. Unhook the tension spring and remove the front shoe.
7. Slide the rear shoe out and remove the tension spring. Disconnect the parking brake cable from the lever. Remove the shoe hold down spring cups, springs and pins.

To install:

8. Lubricate all shoe sliding surfaces of the backing plate and the threads and head of the adjuster with a high temperature Lithium grease or equivalent.
9. Connect the parking brake cable to the to the rear shoe lever. Install the shoe hold down springs, cups and pins.
10. Slide the rear shoe in between the hold down spring cup and the backing plate.

Do not allow the brake shoe rubbing surface to come in contact with the grease on the backing plate.

11. Hook the one end of the tension spring to the rear shoe and connect the front shoe to the other end of the spring. Install the adjuster between the front and rear shoes. Slide the front shoe in between the hold down spring cup and the backing plate.
12. Install the strut so that the spring end is forward.
13. Install the front and then the rear return springs using the removal tool.

Fig. Fig. 3: Assemble the parking brake components in the correct direction

14. Before installing the disc, lightly polish the disc and shoe surfaces with a fine grit emery cloth. Position the rotor disc onto the axle hub so that the hole on the rear axle shaft is aligned with the service hole on the disc.
15. Adjust the parking brake shoe clearance, then settle the parking brake shoes and disc.

16. Attach the disc brake assembly to the backing plate and tighten the bolt to 34 ft. Lbs. (47 Nm).
17. Install the rear wheels and lower the vehicle.


See Figure 5

Fig. Fig. 5: Once put back together, adjust the shoe clearance with a brake tool through the adjuster hole

1. Temproarily install the hub nuts on the outside of the disc.
2. Remove the hole plug.
3. Turn the adjuster with an adjuster brake tool and expand the shoes until the disc locks.
4. Return the adjuster 8 notches.
5. Install the hole plug.
6. Settle the shoes and disc on lever type:
A. With the parking brake release button pushed in, pull the lever with 22 lbs. Of force.

7. Settle the shoes and disc on pedal type:
A. Depress the parking brake pedal with 33 lbs. Of force.
B. Drive the vehicle at about 31 mph (50 km) on a safe, level and dry road for about a quarter of a mile.
C. Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times.

8. Recehck and adjust the parking brake or lever travel.
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