Yota 4-runner 94 V6 3.0 4WD

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Aight to make a long story short, I spun a rod bearing.I pulled them out but as you prolly know toyota puts numbers on them inked on not stamped so the one spun is not visible.I went to advanced auto and they only sell them as sets, standard, .0 something over, and another size over. Well I went with the standard I still have a ping. Ive asked a few questions about putting knew ones in a few garages and even the dealer ship but know one wants to tell me what I want to hear, one guy says I need a new motor and another says I shouldnt even worry about it. Ive worked on cars for a long time and know this can be repaired. My question to you is ( by the way im going to use plasi gauges when I go in again) by the way I know the bearing spining did some damage to the crank but what would you call to much or should I just pull the crank out also and be done with it. Answer both senerios, not taking the crank out verses taking it out and down the road if I did or didnt. As far as damage from the bearing spinning? Thanks, one 4runner ready to hit the trails again

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 AT 5:57 PM

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Hey 4,
Yikes, gotta be honest! There is only one scenario in my mind. Do it right and avoid ANY issues down the road. When you are dealing with a mere.002-.003 in clearance and a thin film of oil protecting that bearing. Get the crank checked and ground, get the right oversized bearings, slam it together and off to grandmas house you go!


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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 AT 4:29 AM

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