1997 Toyota 4Runner



January, 30, 2010 AT 2:24 PM

Electrical problem
1997 Toyota 4Runner 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 225000 miles

My husband jump started our other vehicle and at first the cables were not set up right and it blew the alt fuse. He put in a new alt fuse and it works but after that the dome fuse blew. When he attempted to put in a new one it blows right away. So there is no fuse there right now (dome). Right now the radio, dome light, power locks, and rear hatchback brake light, front heater, all do not work. What can we do to find out the causes? I would greatly appreciate your input.


2 Answers


Scotty Dee

January, 31, 2010 AT 8:02 PM

Oh no. Are you saying the jumper cables were reversed polarity? Will the truck start and run?


Scotty Dee

January, 31, 2010 AT 8:21 PM

I was looking at the current flow from the battery to ther relay box and the junction box.
It appears, and reverse polarity takes on a mind of it's own when it reaks havoc, that the reverse current would have bypassed the injectors and the starter, but would have hammered the accessories you mentioned.

I would start looking under the junction box for burnt wires that are now a direct short.

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