1986 Toyota 4Runner



June, 28, 2008 AT 11:23 PM

Electrical problem
1986 Toyota 4Runner Four Wheel Drive Automatic

My little brother has a 1986 Toyota 4Runner. I have looked EVERYWHERE and cant find the fuse box. The only one I found is under the hood, above the tire, passenger side. But it's big fuses that run the main parts of the motor. I need the one for the radio/lighter/headlights, etc. Can anyone tell me where this is at? I've looked in the cab, under and on the side of the dash, under the hood. Thank you.
**And PLEASE dont tell me to look in the owners manual. IF I had one, I WOULDNT be asking this question. It didnt come with the used truck when he got it, I dont know where to get one. Thanks.


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July, 8, 2008 AT 3:02 PM

Hi alwaznujrzy04,

Should be near centre console under steering if I am not mistaken.



July, 8, 2008 AT 9:30 PM

I found it, it is next to wear the E-Brake pedal would be if it was a newer car. There's that plastic molding along the inner wall between the door frame and fire wall. You must pull off the molding, then the front of the fuse box is white and plain. Pull it off, and the fuses are there. Thanks for the reply. I went out and looked again after your post, and while doing so, saw the white fuse box barely sticking out where the molding was loose. Thanks again for the help.

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