1996 Subaru Outback water pump

Engine Performance problem
1996 Subaru Outback 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

My water pump is leaking, what steps do I take to change it?
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Thursday, January 1st, 2009 AT 10:56 AM

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Water pump is driven by timing belt.

1.8L & 2.2L 4-CYL -1996 Subaru Legacy Outback


1. Remove generator drive belt. Remove A/C belt and tensioner, if equipped. Remove crankshaft pulley. If engine is removed from vehicle, crankshaft can be held using Crankshaft Pulley Wrench (499977000).

2. Remove left, right and front timing belt covers.
If timing belt is to be reused, mark belt to indicate original direction of rotation before removal, if original marks are worn away or faded. Also mark belt to indicate belt-to-sprocket alignment, if original marks are worn away or faded.

3. To mark belt, turn crankshaft with Crankshaft Socket (499987500) to align marks on crankshaft sprocket and left and right camshaft sprockets with notches on timing belt cover and engine block.
4. Use White paint to mark direction of rotation and to mark timing belt in relation to sprocket timing marks. When marks are properly aligned, 44 teeth should be on right side of crankshaft sprocket and 40.5 teeth should be on left side of crankshaft sprocket.
5. Loosen tensioner adjuster mounting bolts. Remove belt idler, and belt idler No. 2. Remove timing belt. Remove upper belt idler. Remove belt tensioner and spacer. Remove belt tensioner adjuster.

1. Inspect timing belt for wear on rounded edges of drive teeth. Inspect belt for signs of oil contamination. Replace belt if it is damaged or contaminated. Inspect belt tensioner adjuster oil seals for leaks. Inspect rod ends for abnormal wear and scratches. Timing belt bend radius must be greater than 2.36" (60.0 mm).
. 2. Slight trace of oil at rod oil seal does not indicate a problem. While holding tensioner with both hands, push rod section against floor or wall using a force of 33-110 lbs. (15-50 kg) to ensure rod
section does not move. 3. If rod section moves, replace tensioner adjuster with a NEW one. Measure extension of rod beyond body. Rod extension should be.606-.646" (15.40-16.40 mm). Replace belt tensioner adjuster if extension of rod is not as specified. Inspect belt tensioner and belt adjuster rod mating surface. Check spacer and tensioner bushing for wear.
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