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How do I put on the alt. Belt. I have a 1990 subaru legacy 4 door 2 wheel drive car. 4 cylinder 4stroke eng.
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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 AT 12:19 PM

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Her'es a picture of your engine bay (should be the same as below anyways:)

first remove the black metal pieces covering the belts, there will be two belts (assuming you have air conditioning); the one you need is on the front, and cycles the cam, power steering, and alternator.

Next, loosen the tensioner nut (on the left hand side of the alternator above the black metal covers in the photo), push down on the alternator as you go, this will loosen the belt, and drop the alternator lower. There is also a nut (not shown) near the bottom right hand side of the alternator; you may have to loosen this, as it's a pivot point for the alt.

You should now be able to pull the belt off and replace it, I had to pull VERY HARD on mine to put the new belt on, as it is a very snug fit to get over the first lip on the alternator pully, once it's on however there's plenty of play.

make sure you tighten up everything so the belt has minimal play in it (make sure the pivot point bolt is increadibly tight otherwise the belt will vibrate down as mine did...)

After that it should be all sailing.

Hope that helped.
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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 AT 1:46 PM

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