Spray hose for windshield wiper came off

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A few days ago I noticed the rubber spray hose that is connected to the driver's side wiper blade had come off. I did not look at it until today. I thought I would be able to simply re-connect the hose to the wiper. When I looked at it, there was approximately 1/4 ' of ice at end of hose. By the time I was able get the ice out of the end of the hose, my hands were numb, temperature was six degrees. Because I was so cold I attempted only a few times to re-connect the hose to the wiper blade, but was not successful. I thought it would easily slide back onto the wiper blade. I was doing some searches online regarding this topic and some site said that the wiper blade would have to be replaced if the windshield wiper fluid hose had come off.
Is that true? Do I have to purchase an entire wiper blade or do you think maybe I could get by with just replacing the hose from where ever the "T" is and connecting the new hose to the wiper blade?
I appreciate your assistance with this issue.
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Thursday, February 1st, 2018 AT 7:54 PM

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The way that wiper arm is made you cannot easily get to the small piece inside it to reattach the washer hose. To repair it you need to remove the entire wiper arm. Then remove the nozzle assembly and route the hose through the arm and attach it to the nozzle. Then feed the nozzle back in and lock it in place. The catch is that it is very easy to break the nozzle.

That is why I would suggest just replacing the entire arm. It is not a difficult item, you need to have the new arm prior to working on it though. The process is to raise the hood fully, then remove the rubber cap that covers the retaining nut. Then you remove the nut. Now the hard part, removing the arm from the wiper transmission, There is a special puller but I generally just tap the long arm the wiper attaches to and they pop free of the tapered shaft. Or you can usually borrow the puller from many parts stores. Once the arm is free you can disconnect the washer hose from the T and remove the wiper blade assembly from the arm.

To install the replacement you reverse the process. Make sure the wiper blade is attached before you install the arm, you use the far end to align the blade to the mark on the lower blackout strip on the windshield. Tighten the nut to 35 ft lb (good and tight) Reconnect the hose after routing it down the cowl. Test. Enjoy the clear view.

Your best option for a "new" arm is likely a salvage yard, the dealer will get around 60.00

The same arm fits the 05-07 Terraza, 05-09 Chevy Uplander, 05-09 Pontiac SV-6
GM numbers are # 15815758 # 15815758
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Friday, February 2nd, 2018 AT 9:25 PM

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