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February, 9, 2009 AT 11:06 AM

Engine Performance problem
1998 Saturn SL1 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

My 1998 Saturn idles high and I cant seem to get it to idle down. If it is stationary long at all it will over heat. I am thinking it is the PCV Valve or the hoses. Anyone got any ides? I need help with it cause I am down to one other vehicle and a motorcycle and need desparatley to get it running right.

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February, 9, 2009 AT 1:02 PM

Hi csiforsyth,

Thank you for the donation.

When idliing speed is high, it usually is caused by vacumn leakages and the items mentioned are those that you should check first. It could be the Throttle Position Sensor or MAP sensor.

Did you try to retrieve for Diagnostic Trouble codes ( DTC)?

Here is a test that you can carry out. This problem seems to be common.

High idle, may have P0507. Usually with hot engine. Push on TPS body or connector. If idle speed rises or falls check TPS connector terminals. For poor connection. If OK, suspect faulty TPS. Item # 6

It could be a fault with the Idle Solenoid Control as well. Item # 7.




February, 24, 2011 AT 2:41 AM

Not sure if you have gotten your car fixed yet, but I have the same car and mine did the same thing. For the idling, I replaced the MAP sensor. That didnt help; I got all my hoses checked out, they were fine, and I finally got the throttle bodt replaced and that fixed it. Now it idles fine. And it did get up to 3000-3500 RPM, mainly when I put it in park after driving for awhile.
And the overheating, mine was doing the same thing, if I was sitting idling or in park for more than a few minutes(it did it alot through drive-throughs). The coolant tank would steam, lose all the water, and finally blow the top off. I posted a question on here, and was told to replace my ECTS. This coolant temperature sensor was very easy to replace and has fixed my problem so far. Hope this helps. I think these are both big issues with Saturns.



February, 24, 2011 AT 12:51 PM

Thank you for the input.

It would be helpful for others faced with the same problem.

Have a nice day.

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