1992 Saturn SL1

  • 1992 SATURN SL1
Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Saturn SL1 4 cyl Manual

ok I im replacing the motoor in my saturn 1.9 soch 5speed just motor the replacement is an automatic well I asked yesterday if it would bolt ritr up w/o touching any tranny componets except taking off the flex plate of tha auto and putting my flywheel on the auto.
he said it would bold rite up well what about the clutch and pilot bushing pressure plate?
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 AT 12:36 PM

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Wouldn't the clutch go with the flywheel?I thought you would put those two together?Also you don't have a pilot bushing or bearing on that car.I'm sorry I thought you would have automatically have known after I said you need to swap the flywheel for the flex plate to put the clutch back on the flywheel on the new engine since your car won't move without the clutch. So make sure you get a clutch alignment tool and put the clutch disc and pressure plate back on the flywheel and don't forget your throw out bearing on the clutch fork of the transmission. You might want to think about replacing the clutch while it's all apart the throw bearing clutch disc and pressure plate.
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 AT 2:16 PM

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