Temp gauge dead. Then no start

Saturn SC, 2002, 96K miles.

THis has happened twice now. One day, the check engine light came on and the temperature gauge was dead. Runs fine for a day or so. Then won't start. Actually, may be that it won't start when it's hot. The first time I drove it for a bit, shut it off to fill the gas tank, and it wouldn't re-start. This time, similar thing.

Brought it in the first time. They said the no-start was unrelated to the temp gauge. Said the gauge was just unhooked and blamed the no-start of a dirty fuel system.

Ran fine for a month or so. Now same thing. Gauge dead, check engine light on. Tarted it up this morning, drove it for a few minutes. Engine of. Wouldn't re-start.

any ideas? Will it re-start after cooling off?
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have the same problem?
Friday, April 7th, 2006 AT 8:19 AM

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Check the connection for the ECTS (coolant temp sender). The sensor coul be bad also but I believe that 2002 model saturns had the new and improved brass tip design. The old plastic tipped ones always failed with age.
If it is is disconected or dirty/damaged it tells the computer it is like 70 below or so. The PCM then will give the engine a lot of gas that it does not need when it is warm. It would also explain the dead temp gauge.

Get the codes read and post back. :)

Some large chain auto parts house will do this for free.
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Friday, April 7th, 2006 AT 7:06 PM

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