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May, 11, 2006 AT 7:55 PM

I have a saturn 96 the temperature on the car starts rising when I am on a standstill. I have to turn on the ac in order for the temperature to go down. Took it to mechanic and can not find anything wrong with it. Would anyone know what is wrong?


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May, 12, 2006 AT 11:59 AM

A model and mileage is always good to include with a question. : P

Another help is if you can tell us what maintenence and /or repairs if any have been done so far.

I have a 96 SC2 and have dealt with hopefully all cooling system issues. 8)

Are you adding coolant? Can you see any leaks?

Does the engine actually overheat?
My guage normally runs arounf 3/8ths to 1/2.
The cooling fan will come on at about 3/4s and will shut off at 5/8ths. This is normal for most Sattys.

If the cooling fan is not coming on by itself it is time to test the systems componenets.

The cooling temp sensor is a known issue on pre 2001 Sattys. They were made with composite/plastic tips that cracked. They were updated with an all brass tip model. When they crack they have a tendency to corrode the wiring connector they attach to. They will also affect idle speeds, fuel economy, temp gauge readings, and even starting.

The cooling fan relay and fuses should be good as they work when the AC is on.

Water pump failures can be tuff to spot at first. A slight leak is hard to find. You should see a slow consistant coolant loss over time. Be sure that the serpentine belt and its tensioner is functioning properly.

A thermostat that is stuck shut would overheat quickly and constantly.

A bad coolant tank pressure cap would cause a slow coolant loss which can also cause overheating.

Good hunting and let us know. : )



May, 12, 2006 AT 12:11 PM

Saturn is a 1996 model sl and it has about 86000 miles on it. Its just when I am on a standstill the temperature starts rising I then turn on the ac and it starts cooling down : D



May, 12, 2006 AT 12:16 PM

If you are not loosing coolant let the engine run till the gauge reaches 3/4ths and see if the cooling fan comes on and post back.

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