March, 22, 2006 AT 4:35 AM

Hi. I own a 1999 Saturn SC2 w/ about 62K miles on it. Occasionally, we will be going down the road or stopped at a light (has happened in both instances) when suddenly the car's electronics seem to click off for a moment (lights, ignition, stereo) and then click back on. It has never hampered the actual driving because it clicks off and clicks right back on, but makes me nervous that it could break down on my wife while she is driving around. I can't think of anything that seems to set this off, it only happens every once and a while usually, or goes through phases where it happens several times in one driving session. I'm thinking it may be a bad wire, faulty connection somewhere, or something along those lines. Any ideas? Thanks!


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March, 22, 2006 AT 6:06 PM

Do you have a lot of keys and stuff on your ring? Is the lock cylinder loose or sloppy?

Could also be a failing ignition switch or loose connector.

Good luck and let us know. : )



March, 22, 2006 AT 6:45 PM

I only have 6 keys on my ring; And I haven't really noticed any loose-ness in the ignition cylinder. Aside from it cutting out at times, everything seems to be tight and in pretty good shape.
But what really gets me about it is how we can go a long while without it happening, then it will go through phases where it happens alot. That's why I'm leaning towards a loose connection somewhere, but I wouldn't really know where to check.

And thanks for the speedy reply! : )



March, 22, 2006 AT 7:00 PM

If everything is shutting off as if the key is turned to off that is why I say to look at the connection for the ignition switch itself.
Check the battery cables. Sometimes the terminals on the battery itself come loose also.

Check the main ignition fuse in the under hood box.

Again, Good hunting. : )

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