1994 Saturn



November, 12, 2006 AT 6:06 PM

I would like to attempt the repair myself. Is it difficult to replace the tensioner? A mechanic friend looked at my shredded serpentine belt. He said the tensioner needs replaced and it is a bear to do. He's too busy. He owes me some work but so much for that.

So I bought a new belt and a new tensioner unit. The mechanic said being front wheel drive and a hard bolt to remove, the repair will be too much for a woman. What do you think? Can I do it? Should I buy a manual and attempt it or look for another mechanic? Are there any free online repair manuals for a 1994 Saturn.

My Saturn has been very dependable even after being stolen twice and found twice. I really want to keep her. Will this repair be expensive at a shop?

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Bob G

November, 15, 2006 AT 9:31 PM

You can purchase a Chilton manual for about $15.00 just for your Saturn, at most automotive stores, instructions for this will be in the manual. The only problem is, the amount of room you have to work, thats what makes it difficult, the engine is in sideways and the area you need to work, is usually up against one of the front fenders, If you can see the belt, the tensioner should also be visible. You need to put a long wrench or breaker bar with a socket on the tensioner and relieve the tension to take the belt off. Once the belt is off the tensioner can be removed.

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