2004 Saturn L300



January, 11, 2010 AT 11:25 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2004 Saturn L300 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

How do you change the thermastat on this Saturn?


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January, 11, 2010 AT 11:54 PM

Thermostat Replacement (L81)
Removal Procedure

1.Drain the coolant.
2.Lift and support the intake manifold.
3.Disconnect the radiator hose from the coolant pipe.
4.Remove the coolant pipe engine lift bracket bolt.
5.Rotate the oil level indicator and tube away from the pipe.

6.Remove the thermostat extension pipe.
7.Remove and discard the O-ring seals.

8.Remove the thermostat with the housing.
*8.1. Remove the bolts.
*8.2. Tilt the rear of the thermostat housing upward.
*8.3. Lift out the housing.
*8.4. Remove and discard the O-ring Seal.

Installation Procedure

Important: The SUV thermostat housing is different from L-Series.

1.Install the thermostat with housing.
*1.1. Install a new O-ring seal.
*1.2. Position the thermostat with the housing.
*1.3. Apply thread sealant PST 565 to the bolt threads.

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

1.4. Install the housing bolts.

*Tighten the thermostat housing bolts 20 Nm (15 ft. lbs.) .

2.Lubricate the coolant pipe O-rings with coolant.
3.Install the O-rings on the coolant pipe.

Important: The correct stack up should be cylinder, head, engine lift bracket, coolant extension housing

4.Properly position the engine lift bracket.
5.Install the coolant pipe into the thermostat housing.
6.Rotate the oil level tube into position.
7.Install the coolant pipe engine lift bracket bolt.
*Tighten the coolant pipe engine bracket bolt to 20 Nm (15 ft. lbs.) .
8.Connect the radiator hose to the coolant pipe.
9.Install the intake manifold.
10.Fill the cooling system.

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