2003 Saturn Ion



November, 26, 2008 AT 11:04 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Saturn Ion 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

I've had this problem going on 3 years now. Whenever winter comes and it gets cold out - it's hit or miss whether my car will start on the first try. It doesn't matter if it was just recently driven and warmed up or if it's sat overnight in the garage. I will attempt to start it and I get nothing, not a grind or a whir - nothing. Then I wait for around 10 minutes and it will start right up. I was told by someone that the computer needs to reset itself and that's why it will start the second time after the wait. I never have this problem in the spring, summer or fall - only colder months. Several auto mechanics have looked and of coarse, the problem doesn't occur when the car is there. Can you please help?


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December, 15, 2008 AT 1:56 PM

I have a 2006 Ion with a very similar problem. When it is cold outside the car will not start, there is no noise or sound coming from the engine compartment. All of the cars electronics work, radio, power windows, dash lights, and a strong beam of light from the headlights. I took the battery to Kragen for testing and they said the battery was good.

I have been reading online about similar problems people are experiencing. I may be wrong on this, but from what I have read online, the ignition lubricant gunks up when it is cold and prevents the security system from recognizing the key in the ignition. When that happens the car locks down and will not start for 10 minutes. While the driver moves the key back and forth to try to start it again, the lubrication is loosened up and the sensor can now read the key. But the car will not start until the system resets its self, which can be about 10 minutes.

I have no idea how to fix this problem. I am pretty sure it is some kind of security problem, because when I try to start the car the lock key light on the dashboard remains on.

Any Ideas on how to fix this? New ignition? Is there even a sensor in a 2006 Saturn Ion that reads the key, then turns the security system off, so it can be started?


brian 1

December, 15, 2008 AT 2:35 PM

This might help, Some customers may comment that their vehicle will not start. This comment is referred to as " no crank, no start with complete power.&Quot; A clicking noise may be noticed when the key is first turned to the START position, but no noise is heard after the initial start attempt.

" The " Security" light may flash immediately after trying to start the car along with the message " Service Vehicle" in the Driver Information Center.

" The vehicle may not start for at least 10 minutes after the first attempt to start the vehicle. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) B2960 and or B3033 may be set in history in the BCM. When the key is rotated from RUN to START there is a voltage signal sent to the BCM that goes through the PASSLOCK resistor in the ignition switch. This voltage signal may have an early ignition switch bounce (when going from RUN to START) that the BCM interprets as a failure in the PASSLOCK system and disables the starting circuit. Verify that the ignition switch has been replaced at least once using P/N 10392423. After replacement of the ignition switch or replacement and reprogramming of the BCM, perform the 30-Minute Learn Procedure Are DTCs B2960 and/or B3033 present in BCM History? If no this bulletin does not apply. Have the dealer check the history if the ignition switch was replaced with the above part #, if it has replace the bcm if not replace the ign switch. This are things to check, this might be the problem, if this is the problem please post back. Also this covers from 03 to 06 ION's.

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