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my name is robert and I am from australia,
i have a Saab 900i convertable. 1993 model
i had recently cooked my 2.1 motor on my saab because I drove it harder than I should have on a long trip.
i had then removed my 2.1 motor and auto transmission and replaced it with a 2.0 motor with auto transmission,
i took the manifolds off my dead 2.1 and put them on the 2.0.
i have put in the motor and plugged everything in.
but I am having a serious problem.
the motor will crank over no problem.
but the feul pump and coil are not getting power.
i have even wirel them up direct to the battery to try to get it started and still no success, but when I wire them up to the battery the pump does run and feul does get to the motor.
im not sure what my problem is, could you please help me if you have any idea what it could be.

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 AT 4:36 PM

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Did you check for a rollover switch to reset?
Possibly a crank position sensor problem.

Good luck and let us know. :)

Was this
Friday, March 10th, 2006 AT 7:41 PM

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