Radio and DVD player not working

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The CD player in my car went out and the DVD player comes on, but has lines through screen. Replaced the fuse for radio but it still does not turn on.
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Thursday, January 26th, 2017 AT 9:19 AM

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Good afternoon,

This sounds like the screen is the issue with the lines.

I attached a description and a wiring diagram for you to view.

You will need to have this confirmed by someone with a scan tool to verify the failure.



NOTE: For additional information about the vehicle navigation system refer to Navigation System.

The entertainment system consists of the following components:
- navigation system audio unit
- CDX6 audio unit
- DM100i audio unit
- two two-way speakers (front doors)/two speakers (rear doors) or four speakers (located in each door)
- subwoofer (located behind the rear seats)
- digital versatile disc (DVD) player
- steering wheel audio controls
- antenna (located on the inside of the rear quarter window glass)
- radio frequency interference suppression bond ground straps (located in the engine compartment and on the RH side front frame rail)
- radio ignition interference capacitors (located on the engine)
- antenna module

Normal Operation
The audio system and DVD player are enabled when the key is in the ON or ACC position. The speakers are powered by the audio unit. The steering wheel controls send information to the audio unit allowing the driver to adjust various audio controls. The CDX6 or DM100i are not repairable. The antenna module reduces interference thus helping to create clear sound when the radio is in use. The audio unit has a partial mute for optional reverse sensing system (if equipped). For additional information refer to the owner literature.

Principles of Operation
When the audio unit is powered up a wake-up signal is sent to the subwoofer amplifier. Audio output signals are then sent continuously to the subwoofer amplifier. These signals are then amplified and sent to the speakers as a fluctuating AC voltage (thus producing sound from the speakers). A fluctuating AC voltage audio signal is also sent to the remaining speakers, directly from the audio unit, to produce sound. The steering wheel controls are a multiplexed system that use different resistor values to produce different voltage levels on a single circuit. Each button that is pressed results in a unique voltage signal at the audio unit. This voltage signal is then interpreted by the audio unit as a distinct command. The navigation system/audio unit is linked to the SCP network, therefore trouble codes can be obtained with a diagnostic tool. The audio unit also has a self-diagnostic mode that can be entered by pressing preset buttons 3 and 6 simultaneously. The audio unit is linked to the audio corporate protocol (ACP) network. The DVD player sends fluctuating AC voltage audio output signals to the audio unit. The audio unit is linked to the audio corporate protocol (ACP) network. These signals are then amplified by the audio unit and sent to the speakers. The navigation unit is responsible for generating the displays shown on the navigation system audio unit screen by using video circuits (color generation and display synchronization), between the navigation unit the navigation system audio unit. When an on-screen menu key is pressed on the navigation system audio unit screen a signal is sent to the navigation unit through the controller area network (CAN) circuits. Refreshed data is then sent through the video circuits, and a new screen is displayed corresponding to which key was pressed. Diagnostic communication between the navigation unit and the navigation system audio unit takes place over the CAN circuits. REFER to Navigation System for further information about the navigation system. The navigation system audio unit has voice command features that are activated through the voice button on the steering wheel control switch. For additional information, refer to the owner literature. The microphone is integrated in the interior rear view mirror.
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