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1995 Pontiac Transport van, model 3800, 250000 km
Where is the remote door lock transmitter located?
What are the instructions to program the remote to the transmitter? Thank you.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 AT 11:24 AM

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Transmitter Programming

Each receiver can be programmed with the security codes of up to four unique transmitters. The receiver must have at least one transmitter trained and stored into the non-volatile memory for the system to operate remotely. Initially, two transmitters and one receiver will be shipped as a " pre-programmed" set.

In the event that a transmitter is lost, the security codes of previously programmed transmitters need to be deleted, and the new transmitter codes need to be programmed into the receiver memory. The glove box must be removed for access to the Keyless Entry Module. This process will require the use of a " Program" switch which is located on the Keyless Entry above the connector.

The following procedure can be used to erase the receivers program memory 2nd to train new unique transmitter codes into the receiver: Vehicle Ignition must be in the " RUN" position.
Momentarily depress the " Program" switch on the receiver. The receiver shall then acknowledge successful erasure by locking then unlocking the vehicle doors. The operator shall have 10 seconds to program the first transmitter.
Operate any button on the first transmitter to program and store the security code for transmitter # 1. The receiver shall then acknowledge successful programming by locking then unlocking the vehicle doors.
The operator shall have 10 seconds to program the next transmitter by repeating step 3 for transmitter # 2.
After two transmitters have been trained, programming of the Keyless Entry System is complete. Wait 10 seconds after the second transmitter has been programmed and turn the Ignition Switch " OFF" to test the remote lock operation of the transmitters as a final check programming has been successful. Important: Train only one vehicle Keyless Entry System at a time. If multiple vehicles are being programmed in close proximity simultaneously, it is possible that the same transmitter could be trained to more than one receiver.

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 AT 3:15 PM

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