2004 Pontiac Grand Am



September, 5, 2009 AT 6:37 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2004 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 69000 miles

I have a coolant leak. The car only leaks when it cools off. Usually over night. I can't see anything wet under the hood. I changed the radiator cap and that didnt do anything. I really don't want to start changing other things out, and I really can afford to take it in. Any ideas would be great. I dont see any grease or dirt in the coolant, even before I added more. I can't see it leaking from the water pump, and the hoses are dry. I'm really at a loss right now.


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September, 6, 2009 AT 12:07 AM

What section of the engine compartment is the coolant laying under? Also, have you checked the oil to make sure it's not leaking into the it? Finally, if you have the 3.1L V6, make sure the intake gasket isn't leaking. THat was a common problem on that engine.

Let me know what you find.



September, 6, 2009 AT 12:25 AM

Drain all the coolent out and put a air nozel in the cap hole blow air threw and youll see bubbles or air whisle comming from leak I do this in my derby cars all the time it works good



September, 6, 2009 AT 4:18 PM

Well, it is the 3.4l v6. It isnt leaking into the oil. The coolant is under the passenger side front tire. Right in front of the tire on the ground. I'm still looking for signs of leakage.



February, 21, 2011 AT 2:25 PM

I have the exact same problem. Thought I blew a head gasket due to a bit of white smoke out of the back so I changed that out. Now my grand am is still running hot, its cold as hell outside so its not quite goin much above the halfway mark on the dash but its still leaking from somewhere on the passenger side. At least after changing the gaskets its running great otherwise lol.

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