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October, 23, 2006 AT 1:58 PM

We drove our 1999 Grand Voyager SE (148,000 miles) on a weekend trip. The 6 hours home were rainy and cool. About three hours into the trip, white smoke started seeping from around the radio (which was playing). It smelled like burnt hair--very sharp. The controls around the radio for the rear wipers, defrost, air direction knob, and A/C stopped working, although the fan and the radio continued to work. We turned everything off, but the smell and the smoke kept coming intermittently. My husband unplugged the blower fuse, but the smoke still came (so he plugged it back in). When the car was shut off we saw no smoke, but as soon as the car was started it would come again--curling out from around the radio and from seams in the dash. We drove the van home with the windows open for lack of another option, but haven't driven it since. Other than the smoke and the dead controls it seemed to be fine. Can someone please suggest a solution?


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Bruce Hunt

October, 23, 2006 AT 3:56 PM

Original radio? I am thinking that you have a short that doesn't trip a fuse and I wonder if the fuses have been returned to their original amperages. Not a 15 amp where 10 should be. Your electrical short could have caused a fire very easily.



October, 23, 2006 AT 8:07 PM

In response to your suggestion: It's not the original radio, but it has been installed for 7 years without a problem. We assumed it was something other than the radio because, even though the smoke came from around the radio area of the dash, the radio continued to work while the A/C controls failed. Do you still feel the radio could be the problem?
Thank you for your quick reply!

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