1996 OLDS DELTA 88 LS - 101,000 MILES - 3.8 LITRE

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Stumped Scott (and Brother too!)

Screeching and Chirping from Serpintine Belt Area as best as we can tell. Starts after car on road in appx. 15-20 miles. After that far, you shut off engine, start while warm will screech/chirp within 5 seconds and usally stops until you start driving. Screeches/Chirps at all speeds but usually if you accelerate it will stop until you let off gas. I have replaced:

"Sepertine Belt"
"the whole Serpentine Tension Unit"

I know that the Power Steering Unit and Water Pump are on this "Serpentine Loop" but steers/turns fine and no over heating. Help! Thanks!

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Sunday, March 18th, 2007 AT 7:03 PM

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One thing you might want to do is remove your serpentine belt, and check all the pulleys, one of them might be locked up and make sure they are lining up and one isn't out a little further than the others that will put stress on the serpentine belt, and you should eventually notice some glazing from either a locked pulley or mis-aligned pulleys.

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Monday, March 19th, 2007 AT 3:01 AM

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