1990 Jeep YJ



April, 23, 2013 AT 12:21 PM

Oops I did forget the engine size. It is a 4.2 in line 6 with a Weber Carburetor. It does not have a port too plug in a code reader. They did not have them until later years. And the mechanic is willing too stop by to plug in his portable computer to the ports next too the battery. But his scedual is not letting him come yet and since it won't start and I don't have the money for a tow. I have bin stuck waiting for over 6 months to find the problem. So any HELP would be greatful. Carrson mccleary.


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April, 23, 2013 AT 12:57 PM

You can try to access mil codes, see if it will work? You turn key till the dash lites come on, no further. Cycle the key on--off, on--off, on, then the mil on the dash starts flashing. You count the flashes to get the codes. Your looking for two digit codes.

How long since a tune-up? Did you check for primary voltage at the coil?

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