Fuel system conponents

1986 Nissan truck, ( 720 TRK 4WD 2.4L TBI SOHC)

I was having some fuel problems with my truck and between my boyfriend and I, we removed the fuel system conponents, ( filter, pump, & tank) I replaced my filter, pump and hoses partially. In the process of putting things back in place and attatching everything together I found myself in a state of confusion. Since two of us were involved in taking these items out, niether one of us is sure of how everything is suppose to connect back together, for instance, hose goes from tank to pump or filter first, etc. Also I learned that not only is there a pump and filter, but there is another conponent involved. I know this because there was/is a fuel line hose going from that conponent, connecting to the metal fuel lines that lead to the front of the truck, I have no clue what this part is, I've taken it down hoping to find a part # so that I could cross reference it, thinking that would explain how I'm suppose to reconnect everything, but there isn't one. That part isn't such the big deal if I could possibly find out for sure the order of connections from the tank to what and then to what. Etc. Is there an easy to view diagram of that section of the fuel system for my truck that I could compare to so that I will beable to finish connecting the fuel conponents for my truck or at least someone that knows the order of connection and let me know. I can even go on that. My repair manual seems to be very vague when it comes to info regarding the peticular model of my nissan truck. I've looked underneath other nissan trucks, however I believe that only late model 85's and early model 86's are set up this way and I must be finding everything else but one of those. Please, I would like to complete this project so that I can once again beable to drive my fun little truck?
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How many steel fuel line on top of the flange on the fuel tank.

If 3 lines the center is the pressure line-the other 2 is for the return line and the evap line. Do this connect the center leave the other 2 disconnected when you pressurize the system fuel will come out from the return line Its been quite a while, If I can recall its the big hose goes to the evap.

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