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I have a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse I was about to take off when suddenly the car just turned off. I checked the engine and found out that the timing belt had broken off. Is it fixeble? About how much does it cost to get it fix? Also I have another engine that is the same as the one on the eclipse the only thing wrong with it are the heads. Can I take parts off that engine and put them on the engine in which the timing belt broke off?

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Sunday, July 13th, 2008 AT 11:49 AM

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I'm in a similar boat my friend. So, you're sure you weren'y actually in any real motion when it snapped? There is a good chance you didn't do much damage in which case all you have to do is replace the timing belt. It's not cheap, but it's less expensive then replacing the pistons, valves, head, and all that other junk that can get damaged when the belt snaps. You see, our little mitsu's are whats called "interferance" type engines so when your belt snaps chances are you totaled your car. (Meaning the repair cost is more then the current market value of your car) Hopefully since you weren't going fast (or not moving at all) nothing else was damaged. The average price in my area for just the belt is anywhere from $300-$750. Don't let them try and replace a bunch of other crap if you go in. They'll try and push a water pump on you and probably ask if you want them to "remove your head and check your pistons." Can you say expensive waste of time? Anyway, I would replace the belt ond hope it works. I'm concidering doing the same thing, but i'm more likely to have caused catostrophic damage since I was going about 90 then drifted god knows how far. Anyway, good luck. Hope I was helpful.

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 AT 1:10 AM

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