Coolant leaks, check engine light is off and on

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Hi, I have a 1991 Merc Sable LS with 122,000 miles. I've had a bunch of problems with it since i've had it, brakes, radiator, alternator, all of which have been taken care of. Recently, I filled up the overflow tank with antifreeze because I was going on a trip and I felt like it was a good idea. Car drove fine during the trip up, and on the way back a couple days later, while getting gas I noticed the car was leaking antifreeze. I had to go home at that moment, so I drove home carefully watching the heat. Since then the car has had absolutely no problem overheating so I figured it was just the overflow tank because of that. However, recently the check engine light has been coming off and on, and the rpm's while seeming a bit more "normal" than usual are not normal for my car. While in park it is now idling at 1000 rpms rather than the normal 2000 and it just feels wierd while it is shifting. The car has always grabbed while shifting so I normally don't think anything of it, but it feels different, and it is coupled with antifreeze leaks and the check engine light. The car drives like a dream on the highway but city driving is like a nightmare. I'm taking it to the mechanic on thursday, but i'm nervous and really don't want to wait till then to figure out what it is.
please help!

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 AT 2:53 PM

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First of all, the car used to idle at 2,000rpms? That's not normal, that's really high. If you've been having problems, the first thing to do would be to have the car scanned for trouble codes. That will narrow down the problem. Also, have you looked at the radiator hoses and around the water pump to try to find where the coolant is leaking? It may be someting simple that you can fix yourself.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 AT 3:03 PM

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